Teaching Philosophy

Through my 17 years of working with children in music, I have realized that the most important element in teaching is to help students gain a sense of ownership of the subject, whether it is the language of music or a language like Chinese.


In order to cultivate a sense of ownership, teaching of a language must be integrated with cultural content and critical thinking.  A teacher must be prepared with an effective curriculum, taking into consideration the following:

  • Age appropriation of material content and student's attention span

  • Knowing your audience: cultural, past experience and relevant

  • Activities supporting the topic

    • sensory​

    • balanced

    • introduction

    • conculsion

  • Accurate & meaningful information​

A good teacher should:

  • make use of teachable moments

  • be flexible

  • listen to & empowers students

  • be enthusiastic

  • set the program tone

And most important, HAVE FUN!